Our Butter Solids are produced by a family owned company in the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin. Cream is procured from a variety of sources, including family farms and Amish farms throughout the region where livestock is typically pastured in warmer months. Their dedication to making a quality butter with excellent taste has not been compromised, and has led to a number of awards, including the World Dairy Expo, and Winning Best of Class Unsalted Butter at the US Championship Cheese Contest.


  • Butter Solids AA, Salted - 36/1#
  • Butter Solids AA, Unsalted - 36/1#
  • Butter Quarters AA, Salted - 36/1#
  • Butter Clarified - 4/5#
  • Whipped Butter Tub - 4/5#
  • European Butter Blend Solids - 36/1#
  • Butter Blend Solids - 30/1#
  • Butter Balls - 6/3#
  • Butter Chip Salted, 90 Cut - 1/30#
  • Butter Continentals, 47 Cut - 17#
  • Butter Continentals, 59 Cut - 17#
  • Whipped Butter Cups, 5gr - 720ct/8#


  • Margarine Solids - 30/1#
  • Liquid Margarine Tub - 17.5#

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