Our quality deli meats are produced in the Amish Country of northeastern Ohio. The deli meats have low amounts of added ingredients and contain no Tran’s fats and are naturally gluten free. The Off the Bone Ham is smoked and cooked with the bone in the ham, and cut out afterward to give it the great flavor of the bone but without the frustration of cutting around the bone. The Pan Roasted Turkey Breast is a whole muscle turkey breast that is open pan roasted, tumbled and bound together by its own natural juices.


  • ​Corned Beef - 2/7#
  • Roast Beef - 2/6#
  • Ham, Off The Bone - 2/10#
  • Ham, Smoked EZ Slice - 2/13#
  • Ham, Applewood Smoked - 4/9#
  • Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted - 2/9#
  • Turkey Breast, Pan Roasted - 2/9#

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